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Welcome! Please Read

Post by Spesago » Sun Dec 08, 2019 9:36 am

Greetings everyone, thank you for joining us here.

These forum have been set up to augment our ever growing discord. while the discord is great for live discussion topics often get lost in the pages upon pages of brilliant ideas the community generates constantly!

So now we have a place for a more detailed and slower paced discussion of specific topics.

If you are new to installation00 then please feel free to join the discord:

On the discord we have the 7 pillars. These are a code of conduct so you know what is and is not appropriate, they also apply on these forums.

The 7 simple pillars of rules;
1. No pornographic/NSFW content.

2. No prejudice or discriminatory content or posting including, but not limited to: racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, hate symbols, slurs, extremism, homophobic, prejudice, discrimination, bigotry, derogatory or bullying what so ever. There are no second chances. You do it, you're gone.

3. Personal Privacy and Confidentiality must be abided by. Do not reveal names, genders, ages, locations, social media profiles, or any other sensitive information about anyone.

4. No harassment for any reason (which includes in the Direct Messaging of other members).

5. No alting, spambots or posing as other users, trolling or spamming (which includes invites to other discords and unwarrented DMs).

6. No politics, religion, or ideologies. It's not that they're not valid, but are often a subject that cause conflict. So best to avoid. (Unless discussing the above within the context of Halo Lore. e.g The Covenant Religion etc.)

7. Use common sense and treat others with respect.
We're here for the love of Halo, and hopefully, Installation00.

I'm not asking much. Just adhere to the pillars. Anyone not doing so, be sure to name and shame, and they will be removed.

Let's keep it subject relevant. I don't want to put up bars and red tape, just these 7 pillars, that I believe will serve to keep everything above board, and pleasant. When in doubt, either refer to others, consult me directly, or mods when they're made available, or just think, "What would a Spartan do?"

Conduct yourselves with honour and distinction Spartans. You are the best of Humanity after all!

Any suggestions, please put them in the Discord Suggestion Channel.

Much Love,